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Granovita has a long experience in the food sector as guarantees its more than one hundred years dedicated to the research and production of healthy food.

We were born in 1899 as a company in the town of Friedensau (Germany) and it was in 1984 when our presence in Spain was tangible. Today we are present in more than thirty countries in Europe and are leaders in the production of cereals and other dietary articles.

Our goal is to help you lead a healthy life. Our society is more and more industrialized and we suggest you a healthy and natural food.

Granovita product assortment consists of a range of possibilities that includes baby food, a wide range of cereals, 100% vegetarian food (spreads, sausages, burgers, vegetables steaks …), soy drinks, juices, and so an extensive variety, whereby we bring the nature close to your table.

The high quality of the products we manufacture is certified by prestigious quality guarantees of international recognition like BIO, CRAE, etc. As an example we want to show some of the required specifications for our products:

  • Selection of raw materials strictly selected.
  • Careful elaboration respecting the product.
  • Preferably organic and wholemeal raw materials without refined sugars.
  • Non genetically modified raw materials (Non GMO).
  • Total absence of chemical preservatives, dyes or synthetic additives.
  • No use of flavour enhancers, or artificial flavourings or modified starches.
  • No use of hydrogenated vegetables fats or animal fats.
  • çThe sterilization of the products is done using traditional ways, never using radioactive methods.
  • Exhaustive toxicological control of pesticides, insecticides, pollutants, etc.
  • Using the most appropriate packaging to protect the product, only for what is essential.

Granovita puts in your hands this catalogue to help you make your best decisions in the field of nutrition, with the complete certainty of offering you in each product the highest quality.

Oscar Bel Felices
General Director