Consumption of cranberry and liquid reduces the risk of cystitis

Posted in: New Products- Aug 06, 2010

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, July 28 (EFE) .- The use of cranberry and abundant liquid reduces by half the risk for cystitis, as Sanjosé Gaudy, a specialist in medicinal plants in Gran Canaria and coordinator of an information campaign will take place in pharmacies on the islands for their prevention.

The Spanish Society of Gynecology Phytotherapeutic estimated half a million will suffer an episode canarias of cystitis at some point in their lives, as reported today in a statement Phytotherapy Research Center (infit), organizer of the campaign in collaboration with the Society Gynecology Spanish Phytotherapeutic (Segif).

Also, more than 200,000 women suffer recurrent cystitis, and a significant number of men, although in the case of women, many of these episodes take place during the summer, when increased risk of urinary tract infections due to swim in pools and increased sexual activity.

The campaign, which will also take place on beaches, aims to inform about how to prevent and treat cystitis naturally, with cranberry preparations, which “reduces the risk of new infections by half,” according Sanjose, and recommendations basic hygiene.

Among the latter, the expert recommends frequent urination, avoid tight clothing, keep the bathroom dry clothes and drink plenty of fluids.

Segif President, Javier Haya, warns of a very common type of cystitis in the summer, the so-called “honeymoon cystitis,” which is an inflammation that occurs in some women after having sex.

For their prevention, says that “it is important to urinate before and after sex to reduce the risk of infection, in addition to recommending cranberry intake as a preventive measure during periods of increased sexual activity, says the nota. EFE


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