Organic Vegetable Cocktail

The consciousness of people for healthy nutrition is constantly increasing and modern eating habits require modern products.
The EDEN products are natural and healthy. Consumers can rely on their excellent quality. We do everything in our hands to make products as natural as possible: organic farming (controlled by the relevant organizations) without use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and the organization of production, storage and transportation, all without affecting the environment. Rigorous and regular controls according to EU regulations for organic food production are made.
The celery and beet root juices and vegetable cocktail have been submitted to a L (+) – lactic acid fermentation, which is very favourable to cellular and intestinal level.
The EDEN products are healthy and have a fantastic and amazing taste!

Detailed information

  • Reference: 3316
  • Weight: 750 ml
  • Gluten*: No
  • Milk*: No
  • Cholesterol: No
  • Egg: No
  • Albumen: No
  • Sugar: No
  • Kcalories: 84 kJ /20 kcal
* Información referida sólamente a los ingredientes, pudiendo tener trazas según sea cada lote.